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Barbara Smith is a photographer and the author of "The Art & Craft of Keepsake Photography: Engagements and Weddings" and "Baby Face: Celebrating Your Pregnancy and Baby with Beautiful Photo Crafts." She has also developed an alternative photographic process called the Auratone (similar to Edward S. Curtis' Orotones) for transforming photographs into luminous images that glimmer with gold. Her most recent work involves what she calls "Photo Fusion," fusing traditional and digital imagery, design and materials.

Here you can learn more about her products and services, whether your interest lies in the how-to of photo encaustic, custom stationery, Photoshop effects, or paper and book arts. In her shop, you can order her books, do-it-yourself (DIY) Auratone Print Kit, Auratone Jewelry Kits, and Photo Encaustic Kit. You can also access her blog, upcoming video workshops, and sign up for her newsletter.


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